Halloween on Ice

얼음 위 Halloween Party 에 초대합니다!

It’s happening and we anticipate selling out on this event. Check out the full page for all the details but tickets are 27,000 krw if you get the early bird and 33,000 krw if you miss out. Make sure to check back often or on fb for more details!


Adult Figure Skating Workshop Cancelled!~



This summer has been full of surprises and challenges for us. Rink closures, loss of fellow skaters, members moving away, and to bring it to a close we regretfully announce the cancellation of our adult skating workshop that was scheduled for October. Lack of participation means we are unable to meet the costs associated with hosting such an event.
We may be down but we are most certainly not out. Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing some smaller events to replace the workshop. We hope to see on the ice!

Congrats to All

Yoomin and Kyle July 2018 Kat July 2018

This summer 3 of our members competed in a competition in Uijeongbu, South Korea. Both Kyle and Yoomin took Gold in the Adult Pre-Juv (Adult Silver) category for their respective groups. Kat placed Silver in her Adult Preliminary (Adult Bronze) group. Way to go Icepats!!

Adult Figure Skating Workshop Announced!

joel line

The Icepats 2018 Adult Figure Skating Workshop is officially announced TODAY!!!! Guest coach Joel Minas will be joining our coaching staff for the event and interest is already booming.

Skaters from Asia, North America, and Europe are already reaching out to claim their slots at the weekend-long workshop taking place October 12-14 in Incheon, South Korea. For more info please check out our page Adult Figure Skating Workshop or our Facebook group.

Summer Rink Closures


UGH!!!! If you haven’t heard yet this July the rinks at Government Complex Gwacheon, Ilsan, and Taereung will all be closed for maintenance and renovation. Taereung is set to open again in September. Isan will reopen in Early October. Hardest hit is Gwacheon set to reopen early December. During this time skaters and coaches will be displaced.

Open freestyle sessions are filling quickly as are group lessons at other rinks. If you sign up for ice time please make sure you show up as there are waiting lists in many cases. Be considerate of each other as sessions are likely to be filled and we can make it through this challenging time.

English Adult Lessons and New Coffee and Basics Club added to regular events

English Class

Two new activities have been added to our Icepats calendar.

The first is an all Adult English Figure Skating Class taught by Coach Christine Choi. Christine was trained and certified under SkateCanada and welcomes skaters for group and private lessons in English or Korean. She specializes in Jump techniques and core basics. She accepts students of all levels and abilities as long as they are willing to put in the hard work needed to succeed.

The second activity is Coffee and Basics which takes place weekly. This is run by our Captain Kat Thomas. She and other veterans welcome new skaters to the ice helping them grab the fundamentals and confidence needed to get started on the ice. All levels are welcome and the primary focus of the activity is to have fun helping each other.

If either of these activities or any of our others are of interest to you please check out our Icepats on Facebookto learn more.

Congrats Kat and Lisa!

Kat test 1

One of our Captains (Kat Thomas) and Clubbie (Lisa) challenged the Korean testing system here and passed. After all the anxiety and hard work, they were finally able to breath easier knowing they had passed.

Kat is a returning skater from her youth and teen years. She is now focusing on a singles test track where she is excited to rejoin competition and continue performing.

Lisa is new to figure skating and this is her first achievement in the sport.

We are all so proud. Great job ladies!

Icepats Know How to Party!

We like to partyLast weekend about twenty or so figure skaters piled into one of our Captain’s apartments. We have had such a great season we wanted to party. How better to do that than a Yuri on Ice marathon?

We let down our hair, put on our pajamas and ate all the foods we have been avoiding most of the season thanks to all those little dresses we all love so much. Being a team on the ice is great but being a community of friends having fun is even better.

Congrats Bailey!

Bailey Gold


A big Congratulations to Bailey. She competed last weekend in her first ever competition and brought home a Gold medal on top of it all. You did a great job Bailey and we are all super proud of you.


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